Healthy Nails - Manicure

Good and long lasting manicure starts with good nail care. Well hydrated and cared nails are less brittle and less likely to split. There are many factors for the health of the nails and a few things we suggest adding in.

Conditioning Nail Oil is a great way of adding in the vitamins and hydration. For the best results this product should be applied regularly. Apply directly onto the nail plate and let it sink in. This is a step that should not be done directly before the manicure, as it makes the nail oily and therefore the polishes will not be attached properly.

Nail Rich
Contains keratin, vitamin E and algae extract. Nail Rich leaves the nails a soft glow while feeding them with nutrients. Used as a nail treatment for weak and brittle nails to strengthen. As the treatment is used weekly, the nails will appear stronger and healthier.

Healthy Nails - Let's begin!

Stap 1
Start the manicure by applying the PH Cuticle Remover on the nail plates. In this sense, we don't mean the skin around the nail, but the dry cuticle layer on the root of the nail plate. PH Cuticle remover softens the cuticle and makes it easier to remove it carefully without damaging the nails. Let the product sit on the nail for good 10min, take a nail spatula/bamboo stick and gently scrape off the cuticle. Also push back any over growing cuticle. Why is this step necessary? The nail enamels applied later on do not attach on other than the nail itself. If there is anything in between the nail plate and the enamel, this will create a air pocket and make the manicure more fragile. The manicure will start chipping right off

Stap 2
After removing the cuticle from the nail plate, using cuticle cutters, cut off any excess/loose cuticle around the nails. The parts you want to cut are dead skin. Be careful not to cut too far and damage the skin.

Stap 3
It's time for shaping. The file should not be too coarse, we don't want to damage the nail. The higher the number, the smoother the file. The smoother the file, the better for the natural nail. From Inglot collection, go for the blue 180/240. With this file, we can file the free edge and smoothen out any bumps or ridges on the nail. It's important to avoid the sawing movement with filing. Only file the nail one direction at a time. When filing back and forth, you're more likely to create splits onto the nail. Same goes with smoothing down ridges on the nail, only one way filing. Shape the free edge as desired and file out any possible ridges on the nail.

Stap 4
As the nails are prepped, clean the nail plate with alcohol. The alcohol will take off any dirt, nail dust or leftover oils. As we are using alcohol to clean the surface, it is essential to take care of the good nail care beforehand. 

Ready to paint! We don't want to go over the same area multiple times. Place the brush on the center of the nail plate, 1mm from the cuticle area. Carefully push the polish forward, leaving 0,5mm little space between the cuticle and the nail polish. Pull the brush back towards the free edge. Repeat on the sides of the nail. The nail should now have color evenly applied over the nail with no streaks. Also seal off the free edge - this way you avoid the nail polish from peeling off the tips. Thin coats are a go to. When applying the colors on the nails, the brush should not be dripping of the color nor should it be too dry. When the brush moves smoothly on the nail, without leaking a lot of polish or acting tacky, it's just the right amount. 

Stap 5
For a long lasting manicure, start off using a base coat. Ridge filler base coat is a good option. This base coat smoothens out the textures of the nail plate and evens out any colorations. This base coat will leave the nails with a soft neutral tint.

Stap 6
As the main color; the more natural you wish the nail to be, the less opaque the nail polish should be. The milkier the better - the color should melt onto your nail, giving a slight hint of color. Colors 436, 437, 438, 439 and 440 from the O2M Breathable Nail Enamel - series are amazing for this purpose. These ones are very milky with a hint of color and high shine. The colors can be built up to create more color, still keeping it soft and neutral. As these colors apply without leaving any streaks on the nail, they can also be worn with just one coat only. Paint on, repeat on all the nails and leave to dry. As the nails are completely dry, have a look if you wish to have another coat. If yes, just paint on the next coat. For more french manicure kind of a result on the nail plate, paint 2-3 thin coats.

Stap 7
Top coats ensure long lasting shine, color and durability. Depending on which top coat you go for, the finish can be different. You can go for a top coat that's fast drying, top coat that provides flexibility and high shine, top coat with high shine or one that hardens the nail. Which to choose for depends on the manicure as well as your own nails. Suggestion for this specific manicure would be the Iconic Gel Top Coat. The Iconic Gel provides high shine and flexible result. You can create a nail salon kind of a beautiful shiny gel finish that will last for days, without the UV - lights. Flexibility ensures less damage and chipping. The texture is slightly thicker, so the right portioning is key. Coat the nail evenly, seal off the free edge and leave to dry.

Stap 8
Perfect the manicure by removing any over gone nail polish with Nail Polish Corrector Pen. The pen has a tip that's the perfect size for any small detail fixes. You may also add in Dry & Shine – drops for faster dry time. As the final step, apply the Softening Nail Cuticle Oil on the cuticles and around the nails. Can and is advised to use daily for healthier cuticles.

And we're done! The nails should have a fairly natural, yet a neat look. For less natural options, just change the color of the nail polish. You can always play around with different colors and top coat combinations, let the imagination run wild. Maybe even add some nice sparkles or gems!

Pssttt... We also have Swarovski - crystals available for those fancy days!